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Aligning Your Tour & Activity with a Movement

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Samantha Hardcastle

January 20, 2022

Aligning Your Tour & Activity with a Movement

The last few years we saw an uptick in people assembling for all kinds of important causes. People are becoming more and more vocal about the things they care about, and consequently choosing business that align with what they’re advocating for. Some important stats to back this up:

The ROI is clear: ideals-based businesses outperformed the others in revenues by 400%, but how do you actually go about putting these things into practice? Here are some tips for aligning your tour & activity with a movement. 

Get clear on what you actually care about 

It’s not uncommon to see people jump on the bandwagon for causes just because it’s a hot topic. But the most powerful causes are the ones that have been front & center for you for a long time. If there’s not one major movement that sticks out in your mind, find the common thread throughout your life. 

Maybe since you were a little kid, this has been an important thing for you. What have you always gone out of your way for? Sometimes it’s a physical cause (perhaps you go out of your way to pick up trash or tend to wounded animals) or sometimes it’s an emotional cause (such as defending a fellow classmate from bullies or educating a loved one about the ill effects of smoking). 

Determine how specific or general you want to be 

In the example of defending bullies, it doesn’t mean that you go and align your experience with an anti-bullying movement. Or maybe it does. But perhaps if you dig deeper, harmonious nonviolent communication is really the thing you are most passionate about. 

Wounded animals may not be your movement, but protecting and saving the wildlife is. These are examples of general causes that give you a bit more flexibility in how you express and align with them. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being very specific in what your brand believes in and advocates for. 

Taking intentional action for your cause 

Advocating is one thing, action is another. If you’re advocating for sustainability but your actions don’t match your words, prospective visitors and guests will sense the dissonance. 

Junglebee customer CocoVibes has gone the extra mile to build their sustainability beliefs and mission into their tour:

“"We've always cared about the state of the environment on our island, particularly the coral reefs since we take our guests out snorkeling. It was important to us to not only educate ourselves and our guests about the best practices for protecting these fragile ecosystems, but take it a step further. 

Our team joined a local Sea Turtle non-profit to engage in conservation and education efforts, we organize several beach clean-ups each year, and we are in the process of finalizing our Green Fins certification - a UN funded program for snorkeling and diving operators aimed at protecting coral reefs through sustainable tourism. Our mission is a pillar of our business; our guests love being a part of making a difference during their excursion, and we love making a positive impact in our community." 

Share your perspective and tell stories around your impact 

What good is aligning with a purpose and movement if you don’t talk about it? Some of the most powerful social media posts are the ones where a business gets vulnerable and shares their hopes and dreams for the world. Or even just your corner of the world. 

A we shared in this roundup of Five Engaging Social Media Posts Ideas for Tourism Businesses “wile musing about what makes your destination great is important, it’s also equally as important to talk about how you play a role in making the destination even better.”

It's not about coming out and saying “we support XYZ” it’s about showing people what you’re doing to usher in real change for something you care deeply about. It’s the golden rule of storytelling: show, don’t tell. Prospective guests will see your actions and want to be a part of what you have to share with the world. 

Partner to create a bigger impact

There’s power in numbers. Co-marketing around a common vision can be incredibly powerful. What other tourism partners in your destination (or even around the world) share your desire to make an impact? Coming up with unique ways to market your message together can create strong ripple effects for your business.

It’s likely we will all see more movement marketing in the years to come, as people become more and more aware of the impact of their decisions. Your tour and activity has the potential to play a big role in this world, beyond just the experience you offer. Not only will it help out a cause you care about, but it will also improve your visibility and desirability. 

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