Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about our tour booking software? Take a look below at our most common questions.

Can the booking fee be passed on to the customer?

Yes, you can choose to either have the guest pay the booking fee on checkout. The booking fee will show up under "Taxes & fees" during the booking process.

Alternatively, you can opt to have the booking fee included in your tour price and the customer will never know about it.

You can set either option in your company account settings.

Can we control the schedule and availability for tours ourselves?

Yes, you can access settings for both tours and charters to control how much space there is per schedule.

You can also control availability and start time on a per day basis for one off events or even full weekly schedules. You have total control.

Is there a yearly contract?

No, you can start and stop whenever you wish.

Is there a monthly fee or setup fee to get started?

No, we don't charge any monthly fee or setup fee. To learn more, take a look at our pricing page >>>

Can we use your booking software on our phone?

Yes, our booking system is mobile device friendly. You can also download our app for IOS and Android.

Can we have multiple users on the same account?

Yes, we can setup multiple users on your account and it's free to have more than one user!

Are there permission levels per user?

Yes, we break down permissions into 4 options:
- Basic (Can only see schedule, availability and make bookings).
- Manage Tours (Can access settings for tours and charters to make schedule & availability changes).
- Account Settings (Can access global account settings to make company wide changes).
- Reporting (Can access and download reports for users, transactions, tours and charters)

A user can by default only have the basic permission or be given any of the above options.

If I make a booking but don't charge anything to the customer, am I charged the booking fee?

No, that booking would be free. We only charge a booking fee when we process a credit card payment for you.

If we're not that great with computers and software, can you help setup our account?

Yes, absolutely. A member of our team will jump in to help get you setup. Just ask!

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