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Five Engaging Social Media Post Ideas for Tourism Businesses

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Samantha Hardcastle

August 24, 2021

Five Engaging Social Media Post Ideas for Tourism Businesses

There’s nothing more disheartening than putting time and energy into a social media post, only for it to get a handful of likes. Partially due to Facebook and Instagram’s tricky algorithm, partially due to overcrowding, it’s becoming harder and harder to get in front of people today on social media. 

The more people engage with your post, the more these social network algorithms are likely to show your post to more people. So the best rule of thumb for posting is: quality over quantity! While there’s no hard and fast rule about how often you should be posting, it’s better to post a handful of really great posts a week versus mediocre content twice a day. 

An audience will quickly tire of mundane updates, as social media is all about novelty. People will scroll and scroll and scroll in an endless search for something new, exciting, and different. How can you create something that stops them from scrolling and taking note of what you have to say? Consider these story ideas a stand-out social media marketing effort.

Story #1: A love letter about your destination

What do you adore about your local culture? The people, places, and things that make up your destination? Put together a series of posts where you pour your heart out. Share about what makes you smile, make note of the nuances of the local region that most people overlook. And of course, be sure to talk about how your tour and experience are an integral part of the local culture. Focus on using sensory language to transport people there through story. 

Story #2: Your vision for a brighter future

While musing about what makes your destination great is important, it’s also equally as important to talk about how you play a role in making the destination even better. What problems is your destination facing that you’re passionate about? How do you collaborate with other leaders in your region to maintain the destination’s’ appeal? The world needs more leaders in the tourism space. Overtourism has contributed to the downfall of so many places around the world. Talk about the ways you’re contributing value to both travelers and your local culture. 

Story #3: How people can enjoy your culture at home

Not everyone who reads your content is ready to travel right now. Your social media posts should nurture them and build that know, like, and trust factor. After reading your posts you want them to consider you almost like a good friend abroad, who they wish to visit someday. Sharing ways people can enjoy your destination at home is a fun way to build a relationship. What are the things people can eat, drink, read, watch, learn about, get crafty with, etc., at home? This positions you as the expert in your destination and they will think of you when it comes time to visit. 

Story #4: A day in the life

Behind the scenes posts are always popular on social media. Can you draw back the curtain and show people how you spend your days? This is a great way to express your values & personality and is one of the most authentic forms of storytelling. It helps to make you relatable, which is incredibly important in marketing. These posts are easy for people to engage with, and also the easiest to create. What are some of the things you do during your day that others might find curious or intriguing? What are some of your interests outside of your day job that other people might connect with you over? Capture it on film next time and see what sort of response you get!

Story #5: The transformations of your guests

Once in a while you may meet a guest that you really hit it off with and your experience has really impacted them. If you’re familiar with the Humans of New York Instagram, you’ll know that every single person on this planet has a story to tell. The same goes for your guests! A “meet so and so” series to highlight recent visitors would be an interesting way to tell stories indirectly about your tour and the people who it attracts. Talk about what these people do, what they value, why they travel. When prospective guests read these stories, they may see a bit of themselves in these fellow travelers. This is another great way to build an emotional bond prior to their arrival. 

Of course, in order to get people to stop scrolling and start reading, you need a really great photo to hook them. Photos draw people in, stories keep them engaged. Make sure each story is paired with an authentic, high quality image in order to capture people’s attention. Here are some great tips for capturing the moment. Happy posting!

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