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Booking software for tour owners in Buffalo, New York State

Junglebee's online booking and payment system for tour operators in Buffalo (New York State) will help you stay competitive.

Junglebee's online reservation system for tours is simple and allows guests to book seamlessly. It also offers an easy platform that can be customized for tour operators in Buffalo.

Buffalo is experiencing a revival, as you may have heard. You will find a revitalized waterfront and restored architectural gems as well as an incredible food scene. Buffalo is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

It is a cultural hub, home to many art galleries and craft beer bars, and Niagara Falls. This iconic US state park, which has a rich history, is also home to architectural treasures. Buffalo is a popular spot for charter and tour operators.

Junglebee's Buffalo reservation software allows tour operators to accept payments from customers and make bookings through our app. The scheduling software we offer for tour bookings is affordable and allows you to easily manage guest activities while on-the-go.

Your tour company will be more competitive if you are able to accept credit card payments and make online reservations. Our booking software makes it easy for travelers to find your business online while on vacation.

Furthermore, our booking software is able to be used with smartphones. You can also utilize it to take credit cards and make online payments directly on your website. It's easy to integrate Junglebee's booking application and any apps from third parties directly on your site, which allows you to control available space for your tours or charters as well as set the levels of permission for your team members and obtain reports about your tours.

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Junglebee pricing for the USA

How much does it cost to use Junglebee's booking software in the USA?
Own POS, Cash or direct entry
No booking fees are charged if you pay via your own POS machine, cash, or simply enter a booking into Junglebee.
Booking Fee
We only charge a booking fee when you process a credit card payment via Junglebee,
Credit Card Fee
Credit card processing is securely handled by Stripe (Stripe charges their own credit card processing fee, separate to Junglebee).
We only charge a booking fee when you process a credit card payment.
Choose if you want to pass on the booking fee to the customer.

For USA based tour and charter companies, we don’t charge a monthly fee or setup fee. Read more about Junglebee's booking software pricing for tours and charters.

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