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Software for booking tour operators in Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Discover the advantages of Junglebee's online booking system for Dubai tours, UAE.

Junglebee's software will be of great benefit to any tour operator in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates. It is crucial to be able take credit card payments and make online reservations. It's easy to make it simple for your guests to book tours and then pay with credit cards online through our all-in-one booking system.

Dubai, a city that has risen out of a desert, is part of seven Emirates that combine to make U.A.E. The city's stunning architecture and incredible skylines make it a popular vacation destination for tourists from around the world.

This city is magnificent and is known for its luxury shopping, architecture, and nightlife. The Burj Khalifa, a tower at 830m tall that dominates the skyline of Dubai, includes the famous Dubai Fountain - a spectacle one should not miss.

Dubai has a lot to offer tour operators, with millions of visitors each year and an abundance of activities.

Junglebee's software bookings for charters and tours makes it easy to make reservations and collect payments.

Customers will have the ability to book charters and tours from anywhere.

You can manage your schedule, book and pay for Dubai tours using our booking system.

Our booking software is also compatible with smartphones and allows you to accept credit cards as well as online payments right from your site. Junglebee can be integrated with third-party apps directly on your website. This gives you control over the space available for your charters or tours, allows team members to set permissions and provides tour reports.

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Junglebee pricing for the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

How much does it cost to use Junglebee's booking software in the UAE?
Own POS, Cash or direct entry
No booking fees are charged if you pay via your own POS machine, cash, or simply enter a booking into Junglebee.
Booking Fee
We only charge a booking fee when you process a credit card payment via Junglebee,
Credit Card Fee
Credit card processing is securely handled by Stripe (Stripe charges their own credit card processing fee, separate to Junglebee).
We only charge a booking fee when you process a credit card payment.
Choose if you want to pass on the booking fee to the customer.

For UAE based tour and charter companies, we don’t charge a monthly fee or setup fee. Read more about Junglebee's booking software pricing for tours and charters.

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