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Booking Software For Tours In St. Lucia

How to set up your payment gateway for online bookings as a tour & charter operator in St. Lucia

Take your business to the next level with Junglebee's booking software for tours in St. Lucia. Our all-in-one reservation system for tour operators makes it easy for guests to book activities and pay with a credit card online on your website. You then can use Junglebee's mobile-friendly software for tours to manage your bookings and accept payments no matter where you are.

There's a reason that St. Lucia is the perfect place for tour businesses and private boat charters to set up shop. The island was voted the top honeymoon destination and the best place to visit in the Caribbean.

The island attracts adrenaline enthusiasts looking to tackle the Pitons, luxury travelers looking for the ultimate indulgence, and couples looking for remote hideaways. With the emergence of the St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival, it's even become a seasonal destination for music lovers worldwide. There's no shortage of customers for tour and activity owners.

It's essential to offer an easy online booking solution for tours and credit card payments on your website.

As a tour operator in St. Lucia, you don't want to struggle with getting a merchant account at your local bank. Junglebee bypasses all the hassle of setting up a merchant account in St. Lucia or the Caribbean and enables you to set up a complete booking solution for tours and charters in less than 24 hours.

Spend more time running your business, leave the payment processing and scheduling to Junglebee.

Online Payment Processing for Tour Operators in St. Lucia

Junglebee's St. Lucia online booking system for tours and charter boats saves you time and money as well. Why wrestle with outdated or inefficient software or waste beautiful days on the office computer and phone? You'd instead focus on providing a high-quality service.

Nor do you want to compromise your profits with high overhead costs or lock yourself into extensive contracts. There's no setup or monthly fees attached to online payment processing for St. Lucia boat charters with our service. And you can start and stop whenever you wish.

We charge only a 4% booking fee and a 3% credit card fee (which only applies to the immediate amount being charged).

We wire transfer funds to your local bank account for all online bookings, and you can choose how often you want to receive transfers, letting you control costs. We can send money once or twice a month or hold on to your funds until you request them.

So how can tour and activity owners get started with this St. Lucia payment gateway?

  1. Sign up for an account and add all of your tours and charters to Junglebee's booking platform.
  2. Sign the agreement to activate credit card processing and provide us with your bank
  3. Receive your hard-earned money at your convenience.

Junglebee will help you increase your bookings and run your business smoothly. And if you're not comfortable with computers and software, you can rely on our support team to help you set up or manage your account.

Don't spend your time in limbo, working hard to collect payments or manage your bookings. St. Lucia tour operators and activity owners should spend their days enjoying paradise. After all, isn't that the point?

Caribbean Pricing

With our affordable pricing, not only will you be saving money but also time.

Choose if you want to pass on the booking fee to the customer


Booking Fee
We only charge a booking fee when you process a credit card payment


Credit Card Fee
Only applies to amount being charged


Flat Fee
There is a fee to wire funds to your bank account

For Caribbean based tour and charter companies, we don’t charge a monthly fee or setup fee. We process all credit card payments for you and wire the funds to your bank account once or twice a month (or longer) for all bookings that have happened.

Get started!
No monthly fee, no setup fee