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Booking System For Tour Operators In Puerto Rico

See how Junglebee's online booking software & payment gateway can help tour operators in Puerto Rico

Junglebee is a booking system for tour operators in Puerto Rico. It boasts a community of over 4800 members, thanks in part to its strong digital presence. Junglebee is an online reservation software that accepts credit card payments online, even for local banks in the Caribbean. Tourists can book tours or charters online via a tour operator's website using their credit card.

Junglebee was originally based out of the Caribbean. Although its range has expanded, it remains an ideal booking software for tour business owners operating in the Caribbean islands, including Puerto Rico. So, if you're trying to find the best Puerto Rico payment gateway for tours and charter boats, look no further. With booking fees of only 4% for Caribbean destinations, Junglebee is an ideal system for online payment processing for tour operators in Puerto Rico.

About Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an excellent place for tour businesses and private boat charters. Tourism is a significant part of Puerto Rico's economy, attracting an average of over 3 million visitors a year. Cruise ships are popular, as are smaller private boat tours geared towards fishing, wildlife viewing, and other activities.

Naturally, lots of people want to visit Puerto Rico for their island getaway. To make the booking experience more convenient for your clients, you can install Junglebee's secure payment gateway and booking software on your tour or charter website.

Online Payment Processing for Puerto Rico Tours

Junglebee is an all-in-one solution for tour business owners. Pricing for Caribbean-based tour and charter companies is reasonable, with no monthly fees or setup fees.

Many tourists like the convenience of booking tours online and want assurance that their credit card information is secure. By setting up an account on Junglebee, you can provide your customers with both convenience and security. If you need help setting up an account, contact our office, and a member of the Junglebee team will assist you.

Puerto Rico Online Booking System‌ For Tours And Charters

In addition to payment processing, Junglebee also provides booking management. Junglebee allows for online website bookings to be accepted through your tour operation website. You can choose to have your customers pay the booking fee during checkout or include the booking fee in your tour price.

If you need to make a quick adjustment on your phone, no problem: the booking system is mobile device friendly. You can even download the Junglebee app for IOS or Android.

You retain total control over your tour schedule and availability. Whether you want to set up big one-off events or regular weekly tours, Junglebee will support you.

Join the Community

Whether you're looking for online payment processing for Puerto Rico boat charters or a convenient booking management system, Junglebee has you covered. Join the community by setting up an account. Those bookings will come rolling in, just like the waves on the beaches of your tour destinations.

Caribbean Pricing

With our affordable pricing, not only will you be saving money but also time.

Choose if you want to pass on the booking fee to the customer


Booking Fee
We only charge a booking fee when you process a credit card payment


Credit Card Fee
Only applies to amount being charged


Flat Fee
There is a fee to wire funds to your bank account

For Caribbean based tour and charter companies, we don’t charge a monthly fee or setup fee. We process all credit card payments for you and wire the funds to your bank account once or twice a month (or longer) for all bookings that have happened.

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