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Booking Software For Tours In Bermuda

Learn about the benefits of Junglebee's online payment processing & payment gateway for Bermuda tours

Bermuda offers beautiful beaches and an abundance of water activities. The island is a must-see for snorkelers, divers, and anyone who wants to see marine life. On land, visitors are treated to colorful architecture and rich cultural experiences. Since Bermuda is more readily available to tourists from the United States, many Americans choose to visit the island to experience the blend of British and American culture in an accessible setting. Tour and activity operators who want to attract these visitors can utilize Junglebee's online payment and booking platform for tours and charters.

Bermuda attracts about 650,000 visitors annually, many of whom like to schedule activities throughout their stay. Junglebee's booking software for tour operators in Bermuda helps you sell your tours and activities online on your website. In 2018, 85% of travelers surveyed stated that they used mobile devices to book activities online. If you don't offer a Bermuda online booking system to sell tours, you could be missing out on last-minute guests who want to book a tour or activity after they've arrived on the island.

Who Should Use Junglebee's Online Payment Processing & Payment Gateway for Bermuda Tours

Anyone operating a tour business in Bermuda will benefit from Junglebee's booking system. Being able to take online bookings and credit card payments makes your business more competitive. While on vacation, travelers can find you online through their phones and book a day trip, a snorkeling adventure, or a hike. Or they can book a boat charter in advance without worrying about arranging payment.

Our online payment processing and reservation app for Bermuda boat charters also lets boat tour operators manage existing reservations and take payment from guests for last-minute bookings. Spend more time focusing on guest services on the charter instead of processing payments.

Opening a merchant account at a bank in Bermuda can be a slow and expensive process, and some Bermuda banks charge excessive fees that make it cost-prohibitive to accept credit card payments.

But with Junglebee's credit card processing, you don't need to open a merchant account. Our booking software makes it easy to manage online bookings and accept credit card payments on one platform. You can track guest activities and plan for other charter guests with ease.

The tour booking app is easy for clients to navigate. We collect each payment and wire the money directly into your local bank account on a rolling 2-week basis. You don't have to worry about whether or not your corporate bank is compatible with a merchant bank account, and you won't be subject to a mountain of credit card processing fees.

Payment and booking management can be one of your biggest challenges when operating a tour business, but it doesn't have to be. Contact Junglebee today to discuss our affordable online booking and payment platform and use it to capture online guests.

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