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App for booking tour operators in Gold Coast, Australia

Check out how Junglebee's online reservation software can be used to assist tour operators on the Gold Coast in Australia.

Junglebee's booking tool for Gold Coast tours, Australia allows tour operators to make bookings on their website and take credit card payments online during the booking process.

Look no further if you're looking for entertainment and fun. The Gold Coast is a popular destination for tourists who visit it every year to enjoy the thrill of surfing and rollercoasters. The iconic coast stretches over 60 kms, and it boasts some the best beaches in Australia. It is surrounded by mangroves and tropical rainforest, making it a natural area of beauty.

Gold Coast is known for its famous beaches. Surfers Paradise, a world-famous stretch of sand on the coast, is the most popular. Discover laidback neighborhoods, vibrant culinary scenes, and Gold Coast's iconic theme parks. Make sure you leave plenty of time to visit the Subtropical Hinterland, where there are waterfalls and rainforest walks.

Junglebee's booking software for Gold Coast and credit card processing allows tour operators to accept payments and book their tours through our app. The scheduling software we offer for tour bookings is an easy way to organize your guests and manage them on-the-go.

Your tour company will be more competitive if you are able to accept credit card payments and make online reservations. Our booking software makes it easy for travelers to find your business online while on vacation.

Our booking system supports mobile devices. Online payments and credit cards can be made right from your website. Junglebee's booking system can be integrated directly into your site with third-party applications. You can manage the space available on your tours and charters as well as assign permission levels for team members. You can also use it to report on your tours.

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Junglebee pricing for Australia

How much does it cost to use Junglebee's booking software in Australia?
Own POS, Cash or direct entry
No booking fees are charged if you pay via your own POS machine, cash, or simply enter a booking into Junglebee.
Booking Fee
We only charge a booking fee when you process a credit card payment via Junglebee,
Credit Card Fee
Credit card processing is securely handled by Stripe (Stripe charges their own credit card processing fee, separate to Junglebee).
We only charge a booking fee when you process a credit card payment.
Choose if you want to pass on the booking fee to the customer.

For Australia based tour and charter companies, we don’t charge a monthly fee or setup fee. Read more about Junglebee's booking software pricing for tours and charters.

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