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Positioning Your Boat Tour for The Luxury Market

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Samantha Hardcastle

March 10, 2022

Positioning Your Boat Tour for The Luxury Market

Have you attracted the party animal crowd in years past? Are you tired of the long nights, inappropriately loud music, and dangers that come with large groups of drunk guests? 

We’ve been there, and we know it’s not pretty. We could swap stories all day long, but the truth of it is, if these guests are not really who you wish to be attracting, then it’s time to make some changes in the way you market and position your experience. 

Find ways to repel the party crowds 

What signs & signals say “party boat”? Go through your marketing and walk through your own experience, taking note of what ways you might be communicating to prospective guests that your experience is for the party crowd. If you’re going to repel this type of guest, it’s important to know what they’re looking for in a boat – and give them the opposite without sacrificing your guest experience. 

What sort of guest experience guidelines can you implement that will repel people you don’t want to attract? And can you make them clear and up front in a way that says “if you’re looking to make some bad decisions, this boat isn’t for you”? 

Increase the price & value offered 

One of the more obvious ways to rule out bad behavior from a younger crowd is to increase the price. Luxury experiences come with a higher price tag. This is of course not to say that people with more money won’t behave like party animals, but it will usually help repel students and people looking for a rowdy spring break boating experience. 

Of course, increasing the price also means making sure that your price matches the value that you deliver. How are you going to elevate your experience to match a higher rate? 

Defining your ideal traveler’s idea of luxury 

Luxury is a general term. Are you targeting the luxury retiree? The luxury couple? The luxury family? When you decide on who your ideal travelers are, then you can get very clear on what sort of things say “luxury” to them. 

What does a luxury boat tour look like today? What are the sensorial touchpoints that evoke luxury? Keep in mind that luxury means different things to different people. Your definition of luxury is going to be different than someone on the opposite side of the world, and a lot different than, say, a celebrity. 

Here are some ways the motivations of the luxury traveler differ from the rest

Create Luxurious Packages 

Get to know their interests and their values, and how they differ from the party boat crowd. For example, if you know the luxury traveler cares more about experiencing different cultures than the average traveler, perhaps you can create a luxury culture package as one of your core offerings.

The luxury traveler is more inclined to want personalized services and packages that have the highest level of service integrated into it. This means you’re not charging extra when the time comes for special perks – it’s already baked into the package. This creates less friction, and more time to focus on creating memories. 

In Junglebee, packages make it easy to sell luxury experiences to your guests! 

Market With Luxury in Mind 

The photos and aesthetics that you use throughout your marketing initiatives will do the heavy lifting for you. If you know your particular ideal luxury traveler is really into good wine, then share photos of really good wine being enjoyed on your boat in your imagery. Meanwhile, if you were looking to attract the rowdy party crowd, you might want to include photos of beer funnels and gallon sized rum punch buckets.

See how we can communicate to our ideal audience without saying a thing? Even the shades of colors you use can evoke a sense of luxury. Rich, deep hues typically evoke a sense of luxury over very bright, fluorescent hues. But again, there are no hard and fast rules for this, as the definition of luxury changes for everyone. 

Don’t be afraid to be outspoken about the type of guest you’re looking to attract. Your ideal guests will appreciate it because it will instill a greater sense of trust in you!

We know what it’s like to operate boat tours, and want to offer a fun yet safe experience for guests. We know how exhausting it can be to cater to a crowd that misbehaves. With Junglebee tour booking software, you can make it a point to emphasize certain policies to keep you protected and your guests safe. Click here to see what guests see as they book an experience with you

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