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How to Sell More Tours with a Group Pricing Model

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August 6, 2021

How to Sell More Tours with a Group Pricing Model

As restrictions begin to lift and many people begin to leave their homes and venture back into public spaces, the world has found itself at the beginning of a post-covid travel wave, and you, as a tour or activities director, should prepare to be a part of it. Naturally, solo travel won't be at the forefront of people's minds — after a year of isolation, they're dying for social interaction and connection with their loved ones — but packing places with massive crowds isn't really an option yet, either. The happy medium, small group travel, seems to be the way to go. But how do you capitalize on that?

The answer is simple: work group discounts into your pricing model! Now, some business owners, directors, and managers may steer clear of the word "discount" because they fear losing money, you might be surprised at how well group travel rates can benefit you and your patrons. Eager to learn how? Read on!

What is group pricing, and why is it beneficial?

Often, group discounts are part of a tiered pricing model, which is also a great way to build your customer base, as offering a wide variety of ticket options and prices creates the opportunity to attract a wider range of consumers. Tiered pricing usually goes into four categories: regular tickets, special access, targeted discount (offering a price drop for a specific group of people, like military, children, or senior citizens, so long as they can somehow prove they are a part of that demographic), and, the focal point of this article, group discounts.

A group discount, or group pricing, is precisely what you think it is: offering a discount for a bulk ticket purchase. Consumers get a lower price if more people purchase the service or product. Now, that sounds great for the customer, but how does that benefit you? Offering a group discount has the potential to spur word-of-mouth promotion of your tour or business; after all, people have to tell their friends about your tour before they invite them to it. And those friends will invite their friends, and so on and so on — the cycle will continue, and your customer base will grow.

Not only does the group pricing model create an opportunity for you to gain more tour patrons, but it also can give you and your business an improved reputation and image, especially now. A lower price following the COVID-19 pandemic, a time when so many faced extreme financial strain, shows the public that you care about them enough to meet them where they are, while a decision like raising your prices, on the other hand, may benefit you at first, but shows your consumers that you aren't exactly concerned with what they can afford.

How to Set Up Group Pricing

Setting up a group pricing model requires a bit of strategy, as you want prices that are good for both you and the consumers. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you set your prices.

Be Specific

You don't want customers to be confused about what's included in your group rate, so you'll want to establish clear guidelines before they purchase tickets. If you have a website or social media platforms, it's a great idea to display these expectations in a place where the public can easily access them.

Determine how many people will be required per group to get the discounted rate, and stick to it. Outline cancellation policies and safety protocols, address any frequently asked questions, and provide any additional information you think consumers might want to know before purchasing tickets to your tour.

Be Prepared

Any time a business is tasked with introducing something new — whether it's a new price, good, or service — it's up to its management to be certain they're ready to handle whatever changes their latest offering brings. Introducing a group pricing model, for example, is likely to change the way tours are conducted at your business.

Determine what group size best works for your tour and services, and make sure you've got equipment, employees, and facilities that can handle that amount of people well. You'll also need to be certain your office administrators are able to handle the additional scheduling workload that groups bring to a business.

Take Advantage of an Online Booking System

Since we're in the middle of the digital age and new technological advancements emerge nearly every single day, it's not surprising that there is technology that makes booking your tour a breeze for both you and your consumers.

Take Junglebee, for example. Our software was created especially for booking tours and charters and boasts the ability to help you book more tours for your business. Customers are guided through the step-by-step booking process, and once their reservations are set, you have the option of managing your availability yourself or contact Junglebee to handle it for you.

We have even created a Facebook community filled with tour and activity owners, because who better understands the needs of your business than others who are in the same industry?  No matter what kind of tour you're running, you'll find software like Junglebee helpful in your endeavors.

Up Your Group Tour Game

Running a successful tour can be a difficult task, but you just may find that integrating a group pricing model into your business makes things a bit easier — not just for you, but for your customers, too. People are itching for connection and interaction with one another and craving travel, fun, and adventure, and group tours are a great way to give them exactly what they're looking for. Offering a group discount only further meets consumers' needs by taking a bit of financial stress off their shoulders.

But they won't be the only ones who reap from this arrangement; your tour will, too! Once the word spreads about your group rates, more and more small groups will head your way, increasing your business and polishing your reputation — everyone wins!

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