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How The Best Tours and Activities Earned Popularity & 5-Star Success

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September 30, 2021

How The Best Tours and Activities Earned Popularity & 5-Star Success

These days travel is much more precious than it used to be. Before the pandemic, travelers had a deep pool of possibilities when it came to travel options. Couple that with ease of access and cheaper options, and your average traveler could stomach the occasional less-than-spectacular travel experience. But now, with much of the world being less accessible, travelers have to put all their adventure eggs in one basket.

However, a light at the end of the tunnel is approaching, and the majority of travelers are optimistic about what the future holds. In fact, travelers in America have an average of 2.5 trips planned for 2021. And across the globe, travelers are booking and saving up for more international trips in 2022. That's why now it's more important than ever for tour and activity companies to offer the best experiences possible.

So, what are the best places, tours, and activities available to the modern traveler? And, more importantly, what draws them to these experiences and leaves them championing the tour to others? Looking at successful tours and what makes them successful can help answer these questions.

1. Mountain Lodges Tours - Peru

According to Travel + Leisure magazine, Mountain Lodges in Peru is one of the top fifteen tour groups in the world.

The uniqueness of Peru is uncontested worldwide. Known primarily for Machu Picchu — the historical 15th-century Inca citadel —  Peru also offers a diverse landscape ranging from the dry plains of the west coast to the tropical rainforest of the Amazon in the east. But, Mountain Lodges didn't make Travel + Leisure's list because of Machu Picchu.

Mountain Lodges builds bespoke tours unique to every group. Sure, they have signature adventures, but they offer unique add-ons and trip extensions that take their travelers to places most don't get to experience on their visit. When travelers get home from Peru, their friends always ask if they saw Machu Picchu. But, their eager would-be traveler friends won't expect to hear about all the bird species' their friends saw in the Peruvian Amazon or watching Humbolt penguins dive into the sapphire blue waters of the Pacific.

Mountain Lodges has also spent years forging personal connections with communities that your average tour group often overlooks, making an experience with them all the more unique.  It's these unexpected wonders that put a tour group like this at the top of major lists.

The lesson here?

The best tours offer something unique. Of course, they have signature adventures, but the tour groups that separate themselves from the pack are the ones that provide the unexpected. Find ways for travelers to customize their trips with unique add-ons to make their experience stand out among the rest.

2. The Eiffel Tower - France

An activity doesn't have to come from a luxury tour group to be at the top. The Travel Channel lists the Eiffel tower as the second most Instagrammable spot in the world. With that kind of free advertising, it's no wonder that travelers flock to Paris year-round to visit the famous landmark and share their experiences with their friends back home.

The Eiffel Tower and the city in which it resides have been popular for years. Many famous historical figures have had their picture taken in front of the tall icon, and the best tours of the city will always include a stop at the Eiffel Tower. Thousands of marriage proposals happen beneath the tower every year, on New Year's Eve millions of people watch closely and wait for it to shine brightly at midnight, and in the summer travelers and locals alike gather for leisurely — and gorgeously picturesque — picnics in the Champ de Mars.

What does each of these events have in common? They're all extensively photographed. In our digital age, adventurers want to have that one iconic moment to share with their friends and family online, and the Eiffel Tower has stood tall in that category for over a century.

The lesson here?

The best tours offer something shareable. A tour with shareable content isn't just giving travelers something they want; it's also a great way to get free advertising. Creating a moment or two in tours for travelers to catch an iconic picture is a tried and true method for constantly attracting new visitors.

3. The Northern Lights - Various Locations

In each of our lifetimes, we are truly fortunate if we're offered just a few moments that truly make us stand outside ourselves and take our breath away. Such moments are the stuff of lifelong memories that can still be felt in our hearts, even when they can no longer be seen in our minds. For many adventures, seeing the Northern Lights is just such a moment.

The Northern Lights are in many different locations. Tourists flock to places such as Alaska, Norway, and Sweden to glimpse the other-worldly phenomenon. You can even book a trip to see the Northern Lights from a plane.

The Northern Lights have such broad appeal and are so sought after because of the feelings they elicit in their viewers. Viewing events like the Northern Lights urge adventures to widen their view of the world in which they live, question their place in it, and leave them with a sense of fullness that even poets struggle to describe.

The lesson here?

The best tours offer something ethereal. A tour that offers its customers the opportunity to put down their phones and their lives and experience something that fills their soul is a tour they'll talk about for the rest of their lives. Tours that share something personal and memorable with their guests are the ones that don't have to search for visitors every year.

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