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8 Top Tourism Advertising Tips To Grow Your Company

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August 19, 2021

8 Top Tourism Advertising Tips To Grow Your Company

A working marketing plan can play a key role in the success of your tour and activity company. As a manager, owner, operator, or tour company agent, you need to combine varying tourism advertising strategies to ensure optimal results efficiently. This option may include using different offline and online promotional strategies. The end goal is to attract both local and international tourists to your tours. Here is further insight into the different advertising mediums that will help grow your tour business.

1. Create a Good Business Card

Business owners looking to succeed should have a business card. However, you shouldn’t only focus on handing them out when you meet people for the first time. Business cards are an imperative marketing tool. Your business card theme should be a reflection of your tour company. For instance, a colorful card that is less formal to reflect the fun outgoing aspect of your tours.

But for them to work effectively, you need to focus on leaving them everywhere you go. When you go to a restaurant, for example, leave your business card alongside the tip. If possible, drop the cards into fishbowls. Whenever you come across a public notice board, pounce on that opportunity and pin your business card on it.

‌2. Know Your Audience

Are you currently working on a tour package? To stay on the right track, you should know who you are targeting. Maybe you would like to sell to millennials or families. Those are two different groups with varying interests, so you could try to think outside the box.

If you want to sell to families, it’s worth noting that women conduct more vacation searches than men. Women between 35 and 48 years of age also travel more, compared to the younger females. Thus, you can use factual findings to develop the best tour packages for your ideal audience.

‌3.Enhance Your Business-to-Business (B2B) Network

Businesses that establish a rapport with their partners record a high level of success. With partners, you can easily reach and dominate new markets. Partners can also help you identify new ways to take your business to greater heights and acquire new customers to do business with.

Provided you have worked on giving your business the best travel technology. You can easily focus on building a healthy relationship with the B2B partners. While acquiring a new B2B partner is easier, keeping the connection requires hard work like arranging meetings, researching, and providing honest feedback.

‌4. Have a Monthly Email Newsletter

Tourism advertising requires that you have a good monthly email newsletter. Through that, you won’t struggle to keep tabs on all your clients. Be sure only to share travel content based on the latest happenings in the industry and why your customers should care about such information.

For instance, you might want to share content based on the best summer holidays and engagement seasons. For example, you could email your customers on a consistent, patterned basis to share important tips with them. If this is something you have never tried before, consider using free email templates online to get started.

‌5. Use Banners, Posters, and Stickers

You don’t have to focus on online advertising to increase sales. Banners, stickers, and posters remain among the best offline tools for marketing your tour business. Adding QR codes to your banners, posters, and stickers may effortlessly help customers access your business website.

Branded stickers are a highly cost-effective marketing strategy for tour companies. You can use posters to say something about your business to evoke interest in potential. Making stickers for bikes and vehicles offers a perfect mobile advertising method for your tour company.

‌6. Personalize Tourism Advertising Messages

Each time you speak to your customers, try to make them feel special. Delivering a personalized message may give your tour business a competitive edge. Try avoiding generic content that doesn’t add value to your business advertising model.

Think about your customer’s interests and the experience they would love from your company. Adding cookies may help you identify potential clients' interests. If you can track data, you will be able to craft personalized messages that resonate with what they are looking for.

‌7. Attend Networking Events

Meeting new people increases your chances of creatively carrying out tourism advertising. That’s why you can show up at events with various business communities. By showing up regularly, you increase your chances of a good reputation. Individuals may get a good impression of your tour through constant interaction.

Sharing your different tour packages and attractions raises the awareness of your tour business. Positioning yourself as a representative or offline marketer for your tour brand may entail attending different workshops. You can scout events that bring different people together and use that platform to enhance your brand to many people.

‌8. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Tour operators can utilize the increased connectivity by setting up a user-friendly travel agency website in this quickly evolving modern world. Your customers should be able to fully use the features of your site on their mobile devices. To indicate how important this point is, Google reports that 45% of mobile users in the US prefer researching, planning, and even booking their trips via mobile devices.

Unless you optimize your website for mobile devices, your rivals will gain a competitive edge. Your business will begin accumulating losses, forcing you to close down the brand. Check to ascertain that the booking process is flawless and that the language used on the site is friendly to all users globally. The goal is to create an incredible user experience to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

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